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I've had good luck bleeding the clutch hydrailics doing it like this:

1. Fill the reservoir.
2. Connect a hose to the nipple and dangle it into a catch can.
3. Pull the lever (don't pump it) and open the bleeder at the slave.
4. Holding the lever to the bar, close the bleeder.
5. Release the lever.

Repeat 3-5 until there's no more air in the system. Don't let the fluid level get too low in the reservoir or you'll have to start over. Re-fill the reservoir as required.

The first five to six tries will feel like there's nothing being forced through the system. You should start getting fluid at the bleeder soon afterwards.

I tried the pump...pump...pump...open the bleeder...close the bleeder...pump...pump...pump...repeat...routine with little or no success. It works on the brake hydraulics, but does nothing for the clutch.

Don't know about the o-ring thing.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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