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Hi, I have one on my 998. I picked up some heavy duty clutch springs and the forearms were getting a bloody good work out...

Purchased the MPL Slave Cylinder, best thing I ever done.

So now have MPL Pressure PLate as well as MPL Alloy Basket with Titanium finger inserts for the aluminium friction plate tabs to run on. Havent installed the basket just yet but will be doing in the next couple of weeks.
I do recommend the MPL Cylinder, it is exactly as they advertised. Great to deal with with no bullshit.

As for bleeding the cyclinder, easy as, can buy a bleed kit from an automotive store for about $5. Key is (as with all hydraulics) is to make sure that all ability to suck air is covered with fluid. When you pump the clutch and go to bleed at the slave end, make sure the pipe is in a reservoir of fluid and keep on topping up the Main Reservoir.
It did take a little time bleed on my 998 but well worth it..

The only other thing is that the slave piston oring could have been pinched or rolled when installed. Again no big deal, disassemble and go to local hydraulics store, they should be able to replace.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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