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The dealer that did the last service on my ST before I bought it gorrilla'ed all six of those bolts. Probably triple the spec torque. I had to use an easy out (purchased from Lowes) for three that had stripped heads. Luckily, they didn't break off as they made decent drill guides. The smallest easy out in the kit worked well on these bolts.

Even so, I still bunged a couple threads on the hub for two of the bolts. All is well now. I just have to use a bit of pressure against the springs to start those two bolts.

I would suggest getting a good metal drill bit in the size you need. The ones I have are made by Irwin that were available at Costco. Since the bolt head is missing, you might be able to find a drill guide somewhere, which is a bushing on a plate to help traget the tip of the bit and keep the drill from walking off the shank.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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