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Hey guys!

I need some help!
There seems to be a problem with my 748/853.

Here's the problem:

When I'm going very slow (while using the clutch) or when I've stopped and is about to start again, the bike wants to stall. Just as I'm letting out the clutch, the bike makes a noise, kinda like a coughing noise. This only happens if I have low revs, but if I have higher revs, like 2k-3k rpms, it does'nt happen. Then the bike act normal.

I've tried to upjust the neutral rpm. it's at 1100k-1200k now, but that didn't help.

What can it be?

The bike is highly modded. Is it possible that the modding itself can have anything to do with it?

Lightened flywheel
airintakes from wsbk
cylinder kit
50 mm full termignoni
748 sps chip

Everything in the engine and the bike is changed. The bike was ment to be raced, but it never happend.

Originally the bike is 748s biposto 1995.

Can it be wrong chip?
The lightned flywheel?
The sparkplugs?

OR can it be that the igniton timing is wrong? Thats what it seems like to me. It fires to early.

Anyone experienced anything like this?

Other then that, the bike runs super smooth and it's super fast.

I want to ride, not have the bike in pieces!

Thanks guys!


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This is caused by a lean running condition.

Are you sure your intake manifolds are not leaking?

What are your CO's and HC's at idle?

Are you using 748 SPS intake and exhaust cams?

With the lightend flywheel (who makes it?) I would recommend running a higher idle......1,300 RPM

For sure you will need a custom map and PCIII usb to get the most out of your bike!!! If you are still using the stock crank and rod combination then a PCIII usb, custom map and your installed EPROM will work fine.

First things first..... check for air leaks.

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What your getting is the typical back fire out of the intake's. Its very common with LEAN idle running. The CO adjustment might fix it, but my guess is with all the mods you've made, the map is WAY off at idle.

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