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helmet recommendations

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sorry, new to the motorcycle thing. seems i say that alot on here :D

is there any real difference in safety between a $150 hjc and a $600 suomy? is there any need for an 1R rated helmet? the nice suomy's are kevlar i believe, i know that is lighter, but worth the $? or is it mostly a comfort thing? finally, what do some of you use and how do you like it. thanks, paul
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i have no experience with the Z1R strike so can't really comment, but i can say my arai is the most comfortable helmet for MY head. it's also extremely light, which pays dividends when 1000 klm days are on the agenda. while it's true that a cheaper helmet can provide adequate protection, a more expensive helmet, while providing similar levels of protection, do it with less weight, and the engineering that goes into that weight loss with safety is what costs. i have suffered a serious landing in a shoei where the shell was crushed on impact and i'm still here, so i can attest to the value of a good quality helmet.
as said previously, fit is MOST important, try on as many brands as possible, if you're like most, one brand will stand out as a great fit, err on the snug side as it will loosen with use, and if $$$ matter, buy the plain color over a race replica. like most things in life, i believe you get what you pay for, so once you decide on what you want, color, brand, and size, shop around, there's no point paying more than you have to for it.
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