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helmet recommendations

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sorry, new to the motorcycle thing. seems i say that alot on here :D

is there any real difference in safety between a $150 hjc and a $600 suomy? is there any need for an 1R rated helmet? the nice suomy's are kevlar i believe, i know that is lighter, but worth the $? or is it mostly a comfort thing? finally, what do some of you use and how do you like it. thanks, paul
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forget about money....get what fits your melon correctly....what is more important?...protecting your melon or what is left in your wallet afterward?....because replacement heads don't come cheap!!!....I took my wife to 4 different dealers to try on helmets because they all carried different things....and got what fits her correctly...in the end...it ended up being an Arai Signet GT by mere happenstance...I guess I have a more generic head fitment compared to her...I have an Arai Quantum II,a Shoei X-Tec,and a Schuberth S1 (just recently picked it up on sale!)...and I wear them all for different reasons and different riding!....the point is though....fitment should be your number 1 priority...cause if it doesn't fit you correctly...then it isn't gonna do what it is designed to do to help in protecting you!
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