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helmet recommendations

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sorry, new to the motorcycle thing. seems i say that alot on here :D

is there any real difference in safety between a $150 hjc and a $600 suomy? is there any need for an 1R rated helmet? the nice suomy's are kevlar i believe, i know that is lighter, but worth the $? or is it mostly a comfort thing? finally, what do some of you use and how do you like it. thanks, paul
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Depends on what you're looking for. If all you're after is a very safe helmet in terms of head protection that coddles the brain upon impact, get a nice soft DOT non-Snell plastic helmet such as the Z1R Strike for less than $90. It had the BEST crash protection (lowest G force impact passed to the head of the many helmets tested in a recent, comprehensive helmet test against some expensive Snell rated helmets from major top-end brands). This test was an eye-opener for many people (myself included), who assumed the vaunted Snell ratings automatically meant another level of safety was provided.

Many of the Snell rated helmets are beautifully built, from the best materials, and feature many great features, great designs and graphics and excellent overall quality. But they are not automatically safer!

One must simply decide what you want the helmet for....and don't assume that the Snell rating automatically provides better protection for your head.

It's been pretty decisively proven that the SNELL standard detracts from the ability of the helmet to absorb the energy of a real-world blow to the head, by being far too stiff. If you really want one of those gorgeous, expensive high-quality helmets, then look for one that meets the ECE or BSI standards, rather than the Snell ratings.

Read here for a comprehensive article on all of the above....

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