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Hi from the Netherlands, abt 2 months ago and after a lot of years without a motorcycle I decided to become the proud owner of a 821 monster.
Late Autumn/Winter maybe not the best season to start my 2 wheel adventures after so many years but its been extremely fun so far.

See you in the forum

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What took you so long?

The motor cycle yearning never goes away.. (for some)

Time to get to know the bike and thrill of riding/owning/working on it.
Be selfish and being without a bike for years you have earned the right/privilege to do whatever makes you happy...
Money should be no object!!!
Go all out and have fun!

Start by filling out your profile with the info you stated in your post

Post some pics and don't be shy about adding to the threads that interest you...
A lot of knowledgeable people here willing to offer advice Good and Bad , your job to sort it all out!!!

Welcome and enjoy!
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