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Hello my friends, I live in the High Desert of California. I have an 02 Yamaha V Star 1100 that I use a dual sport bike. It does *very* well offroad despite the fact that it's big and heavy. I don't often offraod it for fun, it is all that I have, and had for some years, as I live several miles offroad. I have sand, hardpack, softpack, clay, and rock conditions I must traverse every time I wish to leave from and then return to my home.

My dream bike (I will have her one day) is the Ducati Multistrada 1200S sport. I love the torque of a V twin, and I can only imagine how much more felt power there is on a bike that weighs less and makes three times the power, not to mention the killer Ohlins suspension.

I'd imagine getting air on the Ducati is probably a wee bit more gentle on me than on my V-Star.

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