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Hello everyone! I am new to the Ducati world and have been loving it so far. After years of searching and saving I was finally able to get my dream bike, a 04 999s monoposto. My time with her has been eventful to say the least. I found her in Denver and had the pleasure of riding her back to Portland the very first time I threw a leg over her. 30 hours in two and a half days helped me get a pretty good feel of everything that’s different about a Ducati superbike. Unfortunately this is where the story takes a turn. After being home for only a few days my bike was stolen from a parking lot in Salem. After just ten days of amazing rides i had lost my dream. The day after which on my drive back up to Portland my Jeep blew up as well. ? But fortunately I was able to rebuild that and keep up the search for my Italian mistress. After a couple weeks I was starting to come to terms with not getting back what I’d worked so hard to find. That’s when luck struck. I received an anonymous call from someone claiming to have found and secured my bike! After contacting the police I was able to be reunited with her. Another stroke of luck was that the thieves werent able to get around the immobilizer and didn’t do too much damage. I’m going to have to replace the ignition, gas cap lock and right mirror and support. All in all it could have been much worse. The police don’t seem to have many leads on the thieves but at least I have my bike back. I’ve already invested in a gps locater for her and will be thinking twice about where I park. I hope to get to know many more Ducati fans in the Portland area and go on many more beautiful Pacific Northwest rides.

Also if anyone has a line on a mirror and/or support it would be very helpful.


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