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Hey All,
After lusting for a 900SS since 1995, I finally bought one. It is SP #009 and has about 17k. Seems to have had an ok life, but not particularly well documented. A few things are missing and modded, but it seems fairly stock.

The first ride was troublesome since someone had put a length of hose on the return standpipe inside the tank, turning it into a siphon and draining the entire tank through the carbs, cylinders and into the crankcase! This led me to learn that the inside of the tank was pretty rusty. I de-rusted the tank, rebuilt the carbs, changed the oil, and did a bunch of other little bits of sorting and got it back on the road.

After a few hours of riding, I'm feeling at home on the bike and really enjoying it. Looking forward to learning all about it, getting it dialed, and enjoying it for years to come.

I've got a long To Do list and it will be fun to get through it in the future.

I've had many motorcycles over the last 30 years or so and they have all been variations of the Yamaha XS650. I still have a '75 that I've had since '97 that I rescued out of a garbage dump and transformed into a pretty sweet cafe racer. It was featured on BikeExif a little while back: Not Your Everyday Carry: A Yamaha XS650 with a bike rack | Bike EXIF

Pic of my new baby attached.


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