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Hello everyone, I just wanted to post a few pics of my new to me 2008 1098S. Now, I know I will get some flack, but this is the best looking 1098S out there :D

I live in Northern Kentucky, and if you see me out, please say hi, because I would like to see your Ducati too and maybe we could ride sometime.

I just got it yesterday and the purchasing experience could not have been better. The guy was super nice and knowledgeable about Ducati's. He has even offered to continue to work on it if needed. Man, what more can you ask for. :D

This 1098S has carbon fiber EVERYTHING! If there was a place to put carbon fiber, he did it. And the price was super fair for a bike with all the upgrades and low mileage. Almost to good to be true. But I keep pinching myself and walking into my garage to make sure it still there. :cool:

So without further delay, here is the nicest 1098S I have ever seen, let alone owned. These are the pics he took and sent me, and they do not do it justice.


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