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I recently found this forum and was quite impressed with thw wealth of information here.
A little about myself. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff of 23 years of service. I am married and 52 years old. I have been a lifelong motorcyclist since I was 10 yeas old. I have had about every kind of bike, but my favorite was my 95 900ss/sp which I sold in 98. I would really like to get another one and plan to pick up something this spring.
As i had said I retired in 2009 to continue a cancer battle (Lymphoma) which has taken me thru 5 chemo series 3 radiation series and a stem cell transpant. I have been in remission for a little over a year and am finally able to enjoy some things again. I really enjoy a good garage projectso I am looking forward to finding some bikes of my past and fixing them up again.
I'm sure I'll have many newbie questions along the way and would like to thank everyone in advance for any information or advice they may give me.
Thank You

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Hey Fella:
Time to enjoy yourself.
Our friend in Port Huron Michigan just across the border ,has just got cleared of breast cancer and she is Very happy to get back to reg life.
Many advancements are being made .Thanks to wonderful dedicated people and the medicines...

This is THE PLACE for answers some wrong and MUCH good advice, lots of friendlies here to assist you and give good advice.

Get crackin and post some pics when you take the jump and buy...
Check the classifieds here .
Enjoy the site and don't be scared to post away...
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