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Hello from France

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Hi guys !
31 years old french motorbiker with a lovely ducati 1000 ssie born in 2003.
I acquired this ducati 6 months ago and its now time for me to get into this delicate yet sublime engine to deal with strange noises and oil leaks ?
Yes, you got it right. I love this bike even more knowing it's not reliable since it's nearly as much a pleasure to get my hands into it than to ride it ?
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Bonjour and bienvenu to Ducati.ms. Super glad to have you roaming our halls.

Please fill in your location information in the UserCP Edit Your Details section, that can help if there might be someone local to you give a hand or find new friends to take a ride.

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Thanks ?
Not living in Paris, i'm more in the south.
Still it was hot but it ends this afternoon.
Not easy to ride in such a heat but I guess we'll need to get use to it. Where I live we've reached 43 degrees 4 days in june, 3 days this week...
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