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Hey out there,

gotta do the intro thing to keep things cool, so... the name is Jeff, im 43, live
in the western suburbs of adelaide south Australia. The ride is a 2002 monster 1000sie. She,s a fairly stock unit, and i get a lot of comments on how clean it is. I picked her up interstate from the eastern suburbs in victoria, as the supply of monsters in adelaide was a bit dry at the time. Ive put new rubber on her rims, michellen pilot powers, some rectangle shaped bar-ends, and gutted out the stock clutch cover and brazed in a perforated stainless steel mesh. Gave it a good polish to get some shiny stuff happening, and thats about it so far. Oh, gave the stock pipes a lick on the polisher as well. Looks tidy and clean but i do want to customize it some more. Ive put a new yuasa battery in and will soon do the belts and valve clearance check. The oil ,filter and plugs have been done too. It rides really well and feels good under load. Monsters are a lot of fun and i reckon they respond well to changes. Anyway this is my first duke, so im lovin it so far and will be looking to pick brains and suck knowledge from you seasoned ducati owners so look out.....youve been warned!!!!!!
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