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Hello Everyone!

As a new sponsor on the site I wanted to get a quick post out to let you all know who we are and what we do!

Rubber Side Up is a licensed motorcycle recycling (that’s a mouthful) company that handles parts for many makes but we have more Ducati parts than any other brand, we didn’t set out to do this but we are Ducatista and what can I say we enjoy taking them apart and working with the customers SO while we are multi brand Ducati is by far the brand we see the most of.

Check us out here High Quality Used Motorcycle Parts

We purchase damaged motorcycles from Insurance companies, dismantle them, clean the parts, image and up for sale they go on the website. We really try hard to provide a high quality used part and live up to our tag line. We also off a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our parts, if you buy anything and don’t love it just let us know and return it we will refund you in full. We do try to be ULTRA customer friendly.

The very best way to contact us is through email friends, we are a small shop but very high volume so phone time is a challenge for us, email is fast and easy. Hopefully our store is friendly enough to allow to self serve on most items but if you need a measurement or have a question just drop us a note at [email protected]

Last month we dismantled 2 2011 Hypermotard EVO SP that were almost twins, both were in running and riding condition and VERY difficult for me to give the nod to dismantle, I tend to fall in love with all of the Ducatis when they come through!

We also parted a couple 1098 Superbikes, we get more Superbike stuff than anything, we just love these bikes. I think we have parted 6 1198 out this year including a really nice SP that I know one of the members is enjoying the suspension and brakes from currently :D

Ok super stoked to be here, we have some cool stuff coming through the shop next week I will post up pictures and links at the bikes and parts as they come available!

I am also going to post a promotion for MS members in the Rubber Side Up Forum. It will be good for all items purchased in the month of August from our web site.


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