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Heli bars for 2004 st3

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Has anyone had any problems with the break line being to short when installing Heli bar risers?
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I should have listened to this advice. I formerly rode a cruiser with pullback bars. When I got my new ST3 back in December, I immediately ordered the Heli's, but being hesitant to install them myself, I was going to wait for the 3K oil change and let the dealer do it. But I've gotten used to the stock bars. Since I had them sitting in the box for more than 30 days, I thought I'd at least give it a shot and see if Heli would still take them back. They very graciously allowed me to return them since I hadn't opened the shrink wrap. If I did ever decide to put custom bar risers on I'd probably go with the Cyclecats since they can be adjusted in various ways from stock to higher than stock to lower than stock.
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