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Heli bars for 2004 st3

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Has anyone had any problems with the break line being to short when installing Heli bar risers?
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Yes, I have about 1500 miles on my helibars. They make a big difference for me. My only complaint is that because of the short brake line you can't raise the bars as far as they were designed to be raised. I went to the Helibar website and they say if mounted properly the lines should be long enough, but according to the pictures they provided, the bars are installed properly on my 2005 ST3. To get the last 1/4 inch of bar height, one needs to order loner brake lines. Helibar told me the company they use for Ducati brake lines, but I have since lost the message. After using the bars several times on 250-500 mile trips, I am totally used to the bar height and find it comfortable.
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