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Heat shield mod

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Greetings to you all. First post here by a long time lurker and new Streetfighter S owner.

Took delivery of my red SFS on Saturday and racked up 250 miles on it yesterday, all in the twisties. I am extremely pleased with the bike in almost every respect - engine, gearbox, handling, seating position are all excellent. But after spending the day on the bike yesterday, I knew I would be doing something about the heat shield and the stock pegs asap. My right foot actually slipped off the peg a couple of times when I was transitioning from side to side, thanks to the goofy "heel out" position forced by the shield.

The pegs seem easy enough to fix by just replacing the stockers with more of a knurled peg, which I am starting to search for now.

As far as the heatshield goes, I did some sitting on the bike with the heatshield off to test. In my case (size 11 boot), the shield is only useful for protecting my heel from the rear cylinder header pipe, and only when I need the ball of my foot on the peg. The lower bracket for the shield is the root cause of the problem, and in the way all the time so I removed it and ground the welds smooth. When the Termis show up, I'll remove the header pipes and polish everything.

As far as the shield, I experimented with just using some header wrap, but the frame mounting bracket makes it difficult to achieve an attractive result. Don't think I can get away with losing that bracket. Ended up modifying the heatshield. Attached are some photos. Ran out of time tonight to go for a ride. May combine the trimmed heat shield with header wrap if my boot gets too hot.

Cheers all,



Damn bracket

With modified shield

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are you going to try wrapping the exposed pipe after having trimmed the heat sheild?
I have entertained similar thoughts on removing the shield bracket and wrapping the pipe
please post more pictures on your efforts and experiments.

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are you going to try wrapping the exposed pipe after having trimmed the heat sheild?
If needed I'll wrap it. Need to get some seat time to test, but it doesn't seem like my boot will contact anything.

What about bringing the foot peg out with spacers, as was suggested before? Would that move the toe of the foot too far out from the brake pedal?
Great idea and some riders may get enough room by spacing the peg mount from the frame. Based on the amount of interference I was experiencing, I did not feel I would get enough relief with the shield still in place.

How did you fix the welds?
Just used a Dremel cutoff wheel and ground them down to 99 percent flush. They will get finished to be consistent with the rest when I polish the pipes.

Can you please post a photo of the entire bike now that the shield has been trimmed?

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