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HealTech GiPro DS install on 1198

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As you all know, the gears are really long on the 1198, and I found myself cruising the highway in fifth and downshifting into first too often. I've had other bikes before with factory gear indicators and really liked the feature, so I started looking into them. I found the GiPro DS to be the nicest looking, smallest, and really liked how it plugged into the factory connector in the tail with no splicing. Here's how to install a GiPro-DS gear indicator on an 1198.

This is what you get. Pretty small package and very simple. Just the indicator, some zip-ties, and instructions.

The indicator itself is nice and compact, however it is mainly just a screen. It won't look tacked on at all. This is it next to a penny for size comparison.

OEM style and quality connectors, I really liked this a lot.

To install it, simply pop the rear seat/cover off and plug it in to the DDA connector. You will notice it has a male and female connector, so you can still use your DDA if you have one or anything else plugged in here. Looks OEM. I recommend unplugging it, and not plugging it in again yet. More on this later.

Then you can route the display itself through the tail and along the frame and subframe. Zip-tie it alone with the factory wires.

With the wiring routed, you need to attach the display. It comes with a piece of double sided adhesive stuck to the back, however it also comes with a precut piece for the side. This is where I stuck mine. At full lock nothing hits it, plenty of room.

This is how it looks when lit. They also have it in other colors, but I got red. You can see it perfectly during the bright sun, and it isn't too bright at night.

Now, about leaving the connector unplugged. You need to program the unit, as it works off RPM and speed to determine the gear you're in. I recommend going to a road with no traffic or people around, somewhere straight and with a lot of visibility. Then pulling over, plugging in the unit, and programming it there. You need to start in first and then go through each gear until it tells you it is programmed. You will be going around 90-95mph to program the unit, since sixth gear is pretty tall. Programming only takes about 45 seconds, if that. Then it is done and set. The unit works really great and really quickly. It won't tell you what gear you're in with the bike not moving or the clutch pulled in, because of how it works. But that doesn't matter anyway.

It's a great unit and a highly recommend it to all. Here's a link to their website for more information
HealTech Electronics Ltd. - Makers of the SpeedoHealer, GIpro, X-TRE, FI Tuner Pro, OBD Tool

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