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Headlight wiring plug and "side" light...

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So a while back I posted about my headlight wiring harness plug melting when I used my brights and I've just not used my brights since then, but I'm finally ready with the time and whatnot to build a new one... I just need to know where I can find the headlamp plug for my 1999 900SS. As you can see, mine's what-do-you-call-it... ...SHOT. Any ideas?

Also I'm missing my "side" light bulb and was wondering if anyone knew off the top of your head what it is. My manual says 5W and it's a two pronged bulb. Is it a specialty bulb from Ducati, or just a gas station pick-up?


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That looks familiar

My '95 SS did the same exact thing. The brights were on all the time no matter what, thought it was the dimmer switch, then took the headlight bulb out and that is EXACTLY what I saw. :eek:

I believe I went to Autozone and got a new headlight bulb pigtail and wired it up. It came in a two pack. If you cant find one, let me know Ill send ya the extra one I have for cheap.
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