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Headlight wiring plug and "side" light...

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So a while back I posted about my headlight wiring harness plug melting when I used my brights and I've just not used my brights since then, but I'm finally ready with the time and whatnot to build a new one... I just need to know where I can find the headlamp plug for my 1999 900SS. As you can see, mine's what-do-you-call-it... ...SHOT. Any ideas?

Also I'm missing my "side" light bulb and was wondering if anyone knew off the top of your head what it is. My manual says 5W and it's a two pronged bulb. Is it a specialty bulb from Ducati, or just a gas station pick-up?


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wow thats alot of heat and current.

Have you tried ebay, they sometimes have an entire headlight loom. if not you should be able to get a plug from a parts factor. it should be a stock H4 bulb fitting I think.

but my first concern is the current needed to produce that much heat. what bulb you running?

that almost looks like a dead short!!!!

From my reading on here the headlight circuity is marginal at best but to do that.....

I would try and work out the resistance, use a good quality multimeter, Sorry i cant give you more help then that.:think::think:
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