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Finished Installing and testing last night.
It was the longest dry period in the last 26 days, really.
Afer enduraning a couple long nights with the stock set up,
I took Paul up on his xmas offer, of no shipping.
OK, so I went and pick one up.

Build quality, is beyond oem, complete with its own upgraded wiring loom and relays.
Bolted right in.

The quanity of light over the oem pice is just amazing.
I can see 400+ yds.

pictures to follow.

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Here's my story:

During Vintage Days at Mid Ohio in 2005, we got caught in a rain storm at night, coming back to the hotel in Marion after the flat track races. I couldn't see a thing.

Part of the situation was that my glasses were filthy from the dust from the track, but even after cleaning them I still couldn't "see" much while on the bike. Of course those country roads don't have the reflectors marking the edge and centerline.

It was a horrible situation, made even worse by the fact my wife was riding pillion. I blame most of the problem on the stock headlight. Although I caught hell from my wife for buying the DD light, I write it up as a necessary safety expense just like a good quality leather jacket or boots.

I haven't ridden in a similar situation with the DD lights, but I'm confident that I won't have the same experience as I did that night.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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