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Finished Installing and testing last night.
It was the longest dry period in the last 26 days, really.
Afer enduraning a couple long nights with the stock set up,
I took Paul up on his xmas offer, of no shipping.
OK, so I went and pick one up.

Build quality, is beyond oem, complete with its own upgraded wiring loom and relays.
Bolted right in.

The quanity of light over the oem pice is just amazing.
I can see 400+ yds.

pictures to follow.

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It's hard to believe a tungsten bulb can throw so much light! I've heard some say it couldn't compare to a HID because the HID has 50% more lumens but it's easy to throw away 50% of the light with a poor reflector design. The Hella lighting units in the Ducati Design light have reflectors made of mirrored magnesium and are well designed to put the light where it's needed so it's possible to outperform a HID light that does not have a good reflector design. I also think the color tonality of the bulbs in the DD light is easier on the eyes for some reason than the HID's I've tried. Even though the light appears very white it is a pleasing, warm light. On a cold night the color of the light actually makes my body feel warmer, or maybe that's just due to being relaxed since I can actually SEE where I'm going!

And they come on as soon as you flip the switch, no HID igniter/ballast is necessary so the weight of the bike is reduced, not increased. It seems most people don't flinch at all when they pay this kind of money for some silly option on a new car but feel the need to pinch pennies on their Italian thoroughbred. Go figure.

Enjoy your newfound vision!
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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