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No tickets for my Termis please!.

No tickets for the 57 mm system on my 999R so far. I figure it's quite a bit quiter than a Harley with drag pipes or a GSXR at 11K, and tickets for noise are the least of my worries. Speeding is another issue so I try to avoid both in the city by keeping the RPMs' down in town. Yes it's hard to do, and I'd be a down right liar if I said I didn't do it, but I try not to drive faster than I can afford. I understand 22 mph over the speed limit in Colorado can mean a trip to jail and getting your bike towed and impounded. It's up to the Man if he wants to cut you any slack, but I understand the charges go from a traffic issue to a criminal issue when the speeds get up there. I own a couple of bikes and really try to avoid getting any tickets which would put my license in jeopardy and make those bike in the garage worthless. So far so good and no issues here in Colorado.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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