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I can hear a smoothing type harmonic sound under load at about 4500 rpms. Does anybody else hear a nice smooth harmonic sound at any speed or rpm's where the bike just sounds right? Is this normal in the Ducati motors? I'm not a mechanic so I have no idea. But I do know that it sounds GOOOOOOOD.

It's kinda like the sound of tuning a guitar with harmonics and you get that wahwahwahwahwahwaaahwaaahwaaaaaahwaaaaaahwaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... type of sound.

Sorry if this sounds odd, but just curious about the Ducati brand. I've had inlines and never heard anything like that.

By the way, 4500 rpms in third or fourth gear.
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I had a roll in the cams on my '69 XLCH @70 per that no one else had. All wanted to ride alongside to listen to the music. Went away with a new set of Siftons. The hyper is quiet.
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