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First of all, sorry for the HUGE pics. I'm new at this...

This is for those of you that have or will lose your hard side case keys
or have the key break off inside the lock, as mine did.

First thing you'll need to do is get the case open & off your bike.
Fortunately this is the easiest part, but I hated to discover the solution.
The side case will open fairly easily using a screwdriver.
Simply insert a large flat-headed driver into the key slot,
not very far down & carefully turn the lock cylinder within the
plastic case clasp. This causes ZERO damage if you do it slow. This pic
was taken with the clasp already removed, we'll get to that part in a sec.

Now that your case is open you can easily remove the lock clasp by
backing off the small phillips screw on the inside of the case,
underneath the clasp.

With the clasp in the unlocked position you slide it toward the bike &
it comes free, on to the workbench now. From the underside of the
clasp you'll need to remove the lock cam with the simple removal of
the retaining spring clip on the lock shaft.

Be careful when pulling the cam off the shaft as there is a spring loaded
ball bearing under there. With the cam removed you can push the lock
shaft out of the clasp.

Now you're free to go to a locksmith to have a fresh key made.
Tell the locksmith to use a Yamaha key if Ducati key blanks are unavailable.

If your key broke off within the lock, follow these steps.

Remove the second spring clip from the lock barrel as shown.
This one is a little trickier. You need either three hands, the perfect tool
or you put a screwdriver into the slot to keep the clip from rotating.

Now you have a clear shot to stick a skinny rod, awl or anything thin
into the back side of the lock to push the key out. It's really simple,
just make sure that the top side key slot cover is slid open.

Reassemble in the opposite order, leaving the cam in the open position
and applying a waterproof grease to the ball bearing. A shot of teflon
lube within the lock cylinder is a good idea as well.

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great post. I lost my keys and this saved me. thanks for taking the time to put all of the great pictures together.

super sad that the security on these boxes is so incredibly weak. I wonder if there is anything reasonable that can be done to prevent this "screwdriver fix" when I put them back together.

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Did the lock give any indication it was going to cause the key to break in it before it did, ie was it becoming more difficult/knotchy to close/lock?
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