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Happy Thanksgiving to all

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Like the title says. Hope everyone has a great day....and Black Friday deals get you something special..:grin2:..sean
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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just slid the bird into the oven... cracked a cider. Just me and the wife this year, going to be crazy quantities of leftovers (mmm turkey swiss samiches tomorrow, turkey and biscuits the day after.... turkey and something else after that).
Pretty much the same here. We’ll be doing the family get together tomorrow.

Have a good one every body! :)

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and those near you. May you enjoy the blessing of this day.


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Hope nobody went hungry. A 22 pound bird was probably a bit more than needed for 4 people. :laugh:


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Went to my sister's house for dinner. She makes the best pumpkin cheesecake ever,in like the entire history of ever. Soooo good!

Gonna have to do double time in the gym tomorrow. :laugh:
I hope Gobble Clause brought all you good boys and girls everything you were hoping for! And for you naughty ones, may your hangovers be short and mild. :D
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