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Been awhile since I have posted here. Much has changed for my family and I, since I last posted here some 12 months ago.

I have a story to tell about the ferrying of my Ducs from Bucharest (Romania), to Copenhagen (Denmark). A perfect ride that was fast and warm.:D

I'm now a Denmarkian (ha ha actually a Danish resident) since November last year. It's really good for me to be working amongst professionals again, after the bullshit and corruption of Eastern Europe.:mad:

Denmark = super expensive licence plates:eek:but it is also a great place to live:cool:

A race track not too far away in Sweden is yet to be visited. May this will be a purpose for my Monster (not paying the big bucks to register it here). Maybe make it into a track bike?

Anyways, happy to have jumped into this forum again.

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