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Hanging Idle

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:confused:After a year of riding her she finally decided to give me an attitude. :) Seems the last few weeks the idle on my 748 has gotten a bit lower rough. Yesterday she started almost dieing on me pulling away from stops. Bit of clutch and gas and I'm off riding again. No issues once moving. She's due for a 12k lookover in 500 or so miles. But I'd like to get this solved so I can ride for another week or so before I tackle the valves. It's good learning anyway.

I went through the TPS reset process today. 150mv when shut then set 440mv for the idle position. Once I got everything back together she started right up and idled bueatifully at 12-1300 rpm. *Victory Dance* :D

I put the rear tail section on while she warmed up. Got that on and blipped the throttle. She hung at 2800 rpm. Hrmmm. Check for binding cables nothing. By now she's warmed up to 150 degrees or so. Blip the throttle... Hangs at 2800 for 5 seconds or so then slowly comes down. After a few she hung at 2800 and didn't come down. Weird. :confused:

It started to get dark so I packed everything up. I'll have to figure this one out another day.

Where to from here? Tomorow I'll check the tps voltage again and make sure I didn't somehow mess that up. It looked good when I did it :D

Any ideas? Kinda wishing I had a co meter now lol.

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Well, I got rid of the hanging idle. But, to do so I had to turn the idle stop screw down till it read 380mv. Have to do till I get the valves done here in the next few weeks.
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