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Front End Upgrade

Speedy Moto makes great stuff and I am pretty sure the triples they make are for your stock forks ..or for ohlins forks if your going that route. I goes without saying of course that it makes no sense to upgrade tripples without getting rid of those lousy SC stock units. To get the diameter just take a caliper and measure just above the bottom clamp . I just upgraded mine by using 748 forks and I had triples cnc'd for same. then calipers became and issue as I am still running sport classic wheels. I had to have 3mm machined offa the mounting face of the calipers ... so whatever choice you make DO YOUR RESEARCH ...you have to know in advance what you are going to use in regards to forks, wheels and brakes .. for more info check out the pics with my post regarding the upgrade I did and if i can be of any help dont hesitate to ask !


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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