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GT 1000 Heaven

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xopher said:
Got my leg over one last Sunday and it felt good.....GT 1000 that is ...but they would not give me the key...no test rides. I must say that it feels like the perfect riding position. I like the way the header pipes are tucked in and wont melt your waterproofs when your feet are down like on my ST3. I dont dont like the way the back end is kicked up. If I buy I will move the shock mounts back. I dont like the way the silencers sit so wide, this is because the Cats are in the silencer, may not be in US models. The seat is perfect and although the pillion part looks a bit short it is in fact not, and she fits in (the wife) just perfect. I hate the mirrors but dont get me wrong this is a nice bike.
Any other pics? How would you compare the ergos to the Monster, Other Sport classics, and other naked bikes?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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