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Hi all,

Greetings from Milan. New to the forum and new also to Milan.

Originally from Finland and moved to Milan four weeks ago after living seven years in Australia before that. As I sold my GSX-S 1000 before moving I decided that it is time to go back to Ducati as we now live in Italy :smile2: (have owned a 999 and S4RS before and still kicking myself that I ever let the S4RS go...)

Since I'm quite tall and not doing too many track days or any touring etc., I decided to test ride a Hypermotard 950 which is completely different from any bike I've owned before. Was very happy with everything and decided to pull the pin on a 950 SP today. Should have the bike in 2-3 weeks and needless to say looking forward to that very much!

Appreciate all the advice that is available on the forum and looking forward to being part of this. Hopefully I pick up some Italian soonish as well so that I can join the Italian Hypermotard forums :wink2:

Ride safe everyone!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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