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this is "Desmodownunder" (more on that later).
I am a 24-year-old German engineering student and I have just bought myself back into the Ducati world!
I have been riding bikes for 6 years now and I first stumbled upon Ducatis as a child as I was a serious Maisto model collector.
My first ownership of a real one, however, is something special to me.

After high school, I decided to travel to Australia, where I would work and travel around the country.
Little did I know, Sydney had ample amounts of Ducs riding on its streets and so after working my arms off in construction and demolition,
I pulled the trigger on a 1998 Monster 900s.
It already had 68000km on it but seemed in reasonable shape and it never skipped a beat on me.
Within about 6 months I managed to put about another 12000km on it,
and I will never forget the experience of exploring a to me unknown country on an Italian Motorcycle.

Fast forward 2 years and I finally got a Monster again.
This one needs a lot of work though, which is fine since it will be winter over here in Germany for another 3 Months.
Its a 1994 M900 in Black with a silvery very slight goldish frame with only 16000km on it, the only drawback beeing that it sat in a shed for about 12 years.
After installing new belts, giving the valves a quick check, changing the oil and battery, she, to my surprise, instantly fired up!
I do however still have a lot of things to worry about like a leaky fork, changing fuel filters, possibly replacing headstuds and other misc. stuff.

Desmodownunder singing off, hope I can learn a lot from this community and hope that I might be able to do bring something in return.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts