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Just checking in and saying hello to fellow Ducati Enthusiasts!

I have loved the ST's since they came out in the mid 1990's but have always owned Harleys until this year. I recently picked up a 2002 ST4S with 13k miles from the original owner this March and have been lurking on this site ever since. I figured it was time to introduce myself and become a bit more involved as I will definatley be using this forums resource of knowlege.

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska (hence the "Frozn" tag) but transfered down here to IL a little over 6 years ago for work. I'm out in the far western suburbs, but commute into O'Hare daily for work. Any other Duc folks looking to meet up for a ride feel free to drop me a note!

Tye (Frozn)
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