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I just joined up here since Ive been poaching free advice for years.

My first Ducati was a magnificent 72 750 GT, black, round cases, never should have sold that bike. No laments, please, I feel bad enough already.

Currently, Ive got a 98 ST2 that I'm doing some ergonomic mods to, and I'm seeking advice on which Monster triple clamps I can swap over. Specific model and year info would be very much appreciated. I'm looking to do a straight bolt up, so I can fit tubular handlebars.

Great to be offcially, a member.

I live in Washington Crossing PA, 18977, very near New Hope, PA (a MC destination for many), and am up for day rides with other members, so reach out.

Best, Gene AKA Baldguy8

BTW- my other bike is an airhead BMW r80, 1987 model. stock.
And I have a lotus super seven I built from scratch powered by a kawasaki ZX1100 engine. 1100 lbs of fun.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts