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Glad to be joining the Ducati Forum. I have just purchased a 2004 Ducati 999. It is my first bike. I rode dirt bikes a (long) long time ago but this is the first bike I've ever owned. I know, a 999 for a first bike?!?! I'm old enough to give it's power the respect it demands. My good friend has a VTR and I have fallen in love with the V Twin!!!

I researched for about a year and while many a thread out there pointed me in the direction of the other manufacturers, something kept turning me back to Ducati. Then, one of my colleagues bought an ST2 and that was it; my mind was made up.

I've lost a lot of sleep since making the deal for being so excited about it and the War Department regularely calls me a 'geek' for the amount of time I spend looking at it, but that's ok with me. It's worth it.

Looking forward to learning from all the veteren Ducati drivers out there.

I'll post photos soon.


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