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Delivering on its promise to provide the best Social Navigation applications on all platforms, SocialNav, Inc. today announced the availability of Greatest Road for Crankphones.

Greatest road is compatible with both the iCrank and all CrankDroid phones.

Solid Phones, Solid Performance

Using the same, community-generated approach to sharing rides as in other SocialNav apps, this version allows you to find or add your own routes around the country and the world. Use the touch-steel interface to design the route, and the crank to give a 1 to 5 bell rating for how fun, twisty, or scenic the ride is.

At Home or On The Road

Use the app at home or get a RAM-HORN mount and attach the phone to your bike for easy, en route navigation. Always know where the best places are, even when you're flying down the tarmac.

Go check it out now at Greatest Road for iCrank and CrankDroid phones
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