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I have just had a Surflex slipper clutch installed in a 06 999R and after it is warmed up I am finding that the engagment point is VERY narrow, and is all at the very begining of the clutch lever travel. This is causing the grabbiness that I am now experiencing. The clutch was installed as it came out of the box, that is to say with whatever stack hight it came with. It does seem to get worse the farther I am driving and the more use it gets. Also the clutch does seem to be slipping when it should and is not slipping on acceleration, the slipping action seems to be very smooth, so I wouls say it is functioning properly. If anyone has any sugesstions for the grabby takeup I would be most appreciative for any help. I have tried adjusting the clutch lever position but this has had no effect on the grabbing.

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