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GPS Logger

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While at the NEECM @Stick mentioned he and his ridding buddy were using a GPS logger app on their phones. When I got back I looked into one. Now Stick's will log your route and keep it on a website that family and friends can access and spy...i mean...check up on you. I didn't need that. What I need is a way to remember where the hell I've been. Often I ride down new roads and want to go back and visit. Problem is, by the time I get home, I've forgotten half of the roads and towns they were in. That's where myTracks comes in.

myTracks will log your route(s) in the background or on top of a map. Since I like my CoPilot app as a GPS to find locations, I run myTracks in the background. You can adjust the timing of the breadcrumbs left...from 1 second to days. When the ride is done, you can view your route on the map or you can download the .gpx or .kml file to your computer and see the route on your favorite mapping software or even GoogleMaps. Here's an example of a ride I did Sunday. It "recorded" the route every 2 seconds. I did the ride in three segments and each was a small file that hardly took up any space.


I think this will come in handy in the future.
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Looks like Google has discontinued development of MyTracks in 2016. But if it works, it works. I saw an article that mentions GeoTracker as a good replacement. I'm going to have to check them out. CoPilot doesn't make track files.
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