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I have been contemplating this mod for years now, ever since I noticed condensation on the inside of my ST3 dash pod, most notably and firstly appearing but not limited to just over the water temp gage and also spreading to the tach side. A slight fogging, no dropletets. My first modification was to better seal the pod's halves with "rope caulk", ie a mastic sealer which I also applied around the pin block where it protrudes through the back shell/half as well as between the two pod halves, ie split the pod, apply a bead of mastic sealer, put pod together again. But that didn't work. The fogging still happened just as badly as before. In the back half of the pod, there's a vent to atmosphere vent, neeed due to an ambient temp sensor in the pod re EFI, and it's a goofy looking round vent, that is held in place by the tension created by three little prongs that fit through a round hole in the rear shell/half of the pod. A small O-ring is fitted between it and the pod shell, and inside the vent is a white material that beads water, almost styrofoam like. The tension created by the prongs is very slight, the vent can be spun and slightly lifted with little effort. I felt this was the culprit re moisture ingress, along with perhaps the interior seals around the buttons which one really can't do much about, since they need to flex with the buttons as they are depressed. I decided to remove that vent, and put a Gortex patch in its place.

I did so, sourcing a Gortex patch from my riding boot, at the side fold over so it's not missed, and used aluminum duct tape to fix it to the pod and then some ignition sealer over the tape, but not the vent. So far, there has been no sign of condenstation under similar crcimstance that would cause condensing before, ie damp air, warm sun beating on pod.

I will keep an eye on this as long as I ride my bike this year and hope it's a solution. The bike seems to run as well as before, so the EFI does not seem affected by the patch.

I'll report at the end of the season, as spring and fall are the seasons when the pod fogs-up most often.
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