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geospencer said:
The weather in North Carolina has been fantastic the last few days so I have been riding. That’s the good news. The bad news is that gasoline is still leaking out around the filler cap. I am not overfilling. I stop pumping before gas reaches the “collar” under the cap. After a ride I can open the cap and see gas in the second “well” and gas is dripping out of the overflow hose (and staining the engine case). I rode over to the dealership yesterday and talked to the service manager. He tells me that he has a new cap on order . . . but I don’t think the cap is the problem. The dealer removed the charcoal canister before I picked up the bike. Could that be the problem?

Other news:

(1) I bought a “comfort seat”. Yesterday was the first time that I have had to try it out. It's VERY comfortable and as an extra, added bonus, it looks good. The vinyl covering is two-tone gray and black.

(2) The two-into-two Termi’s are still on backorder. I think I’ve talked myself to running without baffles.

(3) I found a black and silver Vanson jacket that looks great with the bike. (Damn, I sound like my wife. “Do these shoes look good with my dress?”) It had been on the rack for a long time so they gave me a good price.

As you ride more keep an eye on your tank and see if gas is leaking!

The full exhaust system... I have six of them in stock... order it online and i'll get it to you ASAP!!!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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