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Good Meeting Places

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Let's come up with some good meeting places. I'm gonna start the list for up north riding. Conoco at the Morrison exit off of 470, access to Evergreen, Squaw Pass kinda roads. 7-11 on 93 in Golden for Golden Gate and Coal Creek Canyons. I live close to them so that's why I'm suggesting them. The more the merrier. I'm not a fan of Larimer because of the crappy riding through town and 6 ave. etc....My house would be perfect!
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We like to chill over coffee and grub and look at the bikes form a table 1 foot away before we head out usually. The Market always works as it is open all the time, even on holidays. If you are unable to make it we will pick you up at a 2nd location a long the planned route.
The market is right in Larimer Square between 14th and 15th street. We are not married to this location, however, it usually works. We average about 8-9 riders, sometimes 15+.
We are just a group of friends who love our bikes, we are not attempting to be a club with a bunch of rules. Our only real guideline is that we stop and wait, when appropriate, for newer or inexperienced riders.
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"I can ride to Steamboat by the time you get going with what you just described!"
You've missed the point. :)
Fila85 has just informed me that breakfast and coffee will be provided for any rides originating at his house -way to go Fila85!
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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