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Good dealer to take my bike for service??

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I live in socal in Corona (between OC and Riverside) and my 748 is coming up on its 6000 miles. Whats a good, reputable place to take my bike in for its service?
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cool thanks, ill check out this "Moto Servizio"

Also I got one more Q, What exactly does a 6000 mile service entail?
I know its a valve adjustment but what else is done?

Personally ive already changed the oil, replaced the filter, checked battery/coolant/brake fluid levels. I have yet to get in there to clean my air filter.
also, is there anyone that has taken their bike to this Moto Servizio for their 6k serivce? they told me $500 plus parts. the "plus parts" part scares me.

Anyone have any idea on what the average 6k mile service costs at this place?
I'm kind of in the same boat

Just scheduled my 600 mile service at MotoServizo. I live in Walnut but keep the 999 in Burbank, closer to the Crest and Malibu. In regards to parts, I took a look at Section8 and found the follwing:

Services 600mi $225.00 $50.00
Services 6000mi $525.00 $140.00
Services 12000mi $750.00 $230.00
Services 18000mi $450.00 $140.00
Services 24000mi $750.00 $230.00

The first # is labor, the second is parts.

Hope this helps.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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