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Good deal? Opinions please

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I started out looking for a 996s and decided on a 998. Just when I change my mind and decide on an old school custom, I find a great 998 with 5k miles. Here's the description:

Fine example of a 998, no issues, never down, no scratches, always in the livingroom, sold and serviced by Mike Duzik, cycle cat riser clipons, carbon exhaust, 6" rear, full floater narrow band racing discs with matching calipers, lots and lots of titanium nuts and bolts, rear stand. Included with the bike are the following: original discs and calipers original exhaust, spare wind screen .

I negotiated to $8k. I think it's a pretty fair deal. Opinions?
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Almost forgot, the wheels and tires are still new. He has aftermarket mag wheels that were put on. He'll be removing them and reinstalling the stock wheels
sounds decent... of course prices are highly variable on these bikes based on the service history/condition and local market

paying a couple extra bucks for a bike with a solid history is worth its weight in gold IMO
Tires may be unused, but they aren't "new". You can probably use them for street riding if there's no cracking, but keep in mind they will be hardened after 6 years. It says "serviced by Mike Duzik". What does that include? Records? If that means it had the 600 mile check and one oil change, then that's not what I consider complete, even with only 5,000 on the clock. Belts are supposed to be replaced every two years even if they haven't reached the 12,000 mileage limit.

Otherwise, if its clean then yes, it sounds like a nice bike and a decent deal. Go fot it.

BTW, am I alone in thinking that you negotiate a price AFTER you decide everything else is in order?
Go for it. I love the 998 I just bought. It is the best all around bike I've ever had, and I've had quite a few over the years. I did pay less than you are but mine had 6000 miles, and needed tires and I'm having the valves checked and the belts replaced soon.
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