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Good deal on Marchesini wheels?

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Does anyone know where to go for a good deal on Marchesini wheels with tires mounted? I am looking for some 10 spoke forged aluminum with either Avon 45 ST or Conti Road Attacks mounted for for an 05 ST3.

I am wondering where the best deal can be found, if I have to get the wheels separately, then I will.

Thanks, Don
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They are not easy to find. Everyone is ditching there 3-spoke boat anchors for lighter wheels. I see them on ebay and sometimes in the classifieds on this list and ducati.net.


I have not seen any 10 spoke Marchesini's from any private sellers at all. If your looking to buy new, then HardRacing.com sells the forged aluminum 10 spokes at the best price I've found for $1,697.97. They have a set for the ST series Ducati in stock in black only right now. How do I know this? I called them this week to order a set in gold for my ST2 and was told they had them in stock only to be later told that the box was miss labeled and the wheels were in black and the gold ones would take 2-3 months to get in from Italy on special order. Damn!

So I called MotoWheels, and they said they had one set in gold...again, miss labeled! MotoWheels charges $1,860.00 so I told them I was a member of this site for which they are a premium vendor and asked if they would price match from HardRacing's price and they said the best they could do was $1,825.00. So now I wait to see if they can find a set in gold relatively quick as I'm paying more for them from MotoWheels based on the knowledge that they had them in stock and would ship them right out ASAP.

If you like black, then give HardRacing a call, other wise MotoWheels informed me that no one appears to have them in stock right now. If you find a vendor that also sells the tires you want, then I don't see why they wouldn't mount them up and balance them for you as a curtesy. Best of luck in your search.

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"Three spoke boat anchors" hahaha Mike, well put.

I'm saving up for the ultimate, BST wheels. Anyway I can, one at a time or put them on layaway. Layaway, thats a thought, eh Martin?
Try TecMoto they have 10 spokes for $1495.00. I bought mine there, talk to Emilio.

The double sided swingarm wheels will always be a little more than the single sided swingarm wheels since the DSSA need bearings, cush drive and sprocket carrier.

Thomas, I just checked with Stephano, we have a set of black in the correct axle size for the ST series. I saw the 25F/17R gold set that was marked 25mm/25mm as well. Unless Stephano can find a set in Italy, I think it would be quicker to paint the black ones in the color of your choice rather than wait for Marchesini to make a production run.

You might consider the Pilot Powers. We have them on sale for $209/set right now. I can probably talk them into mounting them for you at no extra charge.
Thanks for the reply Moto as I know you guys are working hard to accommodate my needs and I really appreciate that! I'll PM you with some questions. Thanks.


Thanks for the great information folks! The tecmoto prices are very good!

Yeah, thank's a lot, now I want/need a pair of golden marchesinis.. *swoosh* there goes $1500.. *damn*
John said:
"Three spoke boat anchors" hahaha Mike, well put.

I'm saving up for the ultimate, BST wheels. Anyway I can, one at a time or put them on layaway.
I have 10-spoke magnesium Marchesinis on my ST2, and BSTs on my SS. The weigh almost the same (BSTs are 1/2 lb lighter each), but the BSTs have their weight more in the center and so feel slightly lighter.

Are they worth it, not sure, but they do look nice with the CF full-fairing.

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"but they do look nice"

Thats the buzz words I'm looking for. Further, with the single sided swingarm, you get the full effect of the BST's beauty.

Actually, I need to shed as much weight from my 916 as possible. It is a top heavy bike, taking off my 3 spoke boat anchors in favor of lighter wheels will resolve this issue. I had Magnesiums from Motowheels on my SS, big improvement. Any wheel you choose will help the overall performance of the bike, we all know that.
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