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Gonna need a new sub-forum

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Just checked out the new Hyper, Hyper SP and the Hyperstrada. Very cool bikes, but they are going to need their own place to play. Little of the knowledge on the Hyper forum will be useful to them and they will only upset the cranky old air cooled 2 valve guys.

Let's get out in front of this so we don't have the hard feelings they went through on the multistrada forum before the split. (thanks admin)

On the bright side, I am looking forward to a glut of "real Hypers" on the market soon at low prices. Might have to pick up a few.

Feel free to disagree among yourselves.
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I disagree, I favor the split forum, the new Hyper is so different.

I liked being here at the beginning of this Hyper forum, it was fun to learn the new stuff from the start, & with the NEW Hyper, it would be just like that. Aloha Alex
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