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getting close, need help

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figured out most of my electrical problems by using these boards and i think im close. now when i start it i get the full check no lights but nothing when i hit the button. well not nothing the headlight dims and i get a loud singular click from down near the battery. ok, any thoughts? ive been in all the boards with no luck. had to resort to riding my wife's buell blast just to get in the wind, please help i am getting desperate!:)
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Sounds like a dead battery, poor connection? Maybe it is the solenoid click, then no volts left.
Take off the fairing and hook the voltmeter positive to the solenoid[from batt.], neg. to ground. Push the button while watch ing the voltmeter, less than a steady 12-14 means a problem. Check at the battery itself, pos to pos neg to neg, meter to batt. If bad , new battery time. If okay, check the connections[batt. to solenoid]
I f voltage was okay at solenoid in wire, check the other side of it[sol. to starter]. I f less there, maybe you need a new solenoid.
Check the connectors at the small wires to the solenoid, make sure they are clean AND Tight.
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