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If your battery voltage is down, even just a little, you may get your instrument cluster to illuminate, headlights and fuel pump to operate but, not enough juice for the starter.
I just saw the post questioning the neutral issue, is that resolved? Is the bike in neutral, light or no light should be easy to figure out. Then with an illuminated neutral light, you may be sure of your neutral switch.
Back to your battery...assume your body work is off or most of it anyway so that you can access the battery. If you don't have a fully charged battery lying about, you can try a jump start from your auto battery, very careful with the connection of the cables. With bike ignition switch off, last step connection should be at your car's battery posts. Then try to give her a start.

If the above works, my guess is you will need a fresh charge on your battery (and then regularly keep it on battery tender) or a new battery and still recommend a battery charger...
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