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Gen1/Gen2 Diavel vs 1260s Suspension for Big Rider

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Hey all,

New to the forum and riding. I'm a bigger human (6'4/270ish w/ gear) debating picking up a used Gen1 or Gen2 Diavel and upgrading the front and rear shocks to support my weight vs buying the 1260s--which already has Ohlin shocks.

One Duc dealership stated the stock shocks on the 1260s would support my weight, another said it wouldn't. Same story for a 2011 or 2015 Carbon: one dealership said they will handle my weight and another said I'd need to buy Ohlins (front and rear).

Given the price of 4+ thousand for front and rear Ohlins and a sales prices of a Gen2 Diavel hovering around 12-14k, it almost seems worth investing the extra bit of cash for the new 1260s, with a warranty.

If anyone has any feedback, thoughts, or experiences, that would be great as my discussions at various Duc dealerships haven't been helpful.


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The 1260 has a totally new suspension layout which works much better.
With the old diavel my kitneys were scrambled on bumps. The 1260 solved this.

So, for this alone I think it's worth to check out the 1260.

About weight I don't know.

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The stock suspension on the Gen1/2 Diavel leaves a lot to be desired - the rear shock is way too soft and will definitely not support a 270 lb rider while the front is rock hard - too stiff even for someone your size. You can upgrade the rear for around $1000 and install a new cartridge kit up front for around $600 if you do the work yourself.

The Gen 3 suspension is much nicer but, I would still question weather it could handle someone your size in stock form.

You can get smoking deals on the Gen1/2 Diavels these days so even if you spend $2-3K in upgrades you still save quite a bit over the 1260.

That being said, the 1260 does look like a damned nice bike
OK, i have over 30 years riding experience and i'm definitely NOT a big human, i'm about 5'3" and weight about 70kg.

I can say with absolute certainty that there has not been one bike i've ever owned that was satisfactory with the std suspension, and i'm a lightweight! you sir, will have trouble with ANY bike so make sure you factor in the cost to tune it to suit your size. As a new rider i had no idea how to know whether my suspension was right or not, and as i progressed onto better bikes the suspension improved but once i spent money on setting up a bike properly the penny dropped, nothing flashy like a carbon end can etc. but money well spent and my confidence, and therefore my riding improved dramatically.

Don't assume because it say's Öhlins it's automatically better, just because it's branded Öhlins doesn't mean it's any better or worse than anything else fitted from the factory, sure, it's posh, and a well respected name but there is a lot of difference between their aftermarket stuff and their genuine fitment stuff, that's because just like anyone else they have to bid to win the supply contract, so it will always come down to cost. Some genuine Öhlins is genuinely awful, S4RS front forks come to mind, my 1098R forks were so bad i gave up on them and installed Öhlins R/T's built for my weight, riding style etc.

Your size will have a significant effect on what springs you will need, and because of the load the bike has to carry, (You), the damping circuits will need to be tuned to suit as well, don't skimp and just put heavier springs in it, that will help but while you're most of the way into the job do it properly, the result will make your riding experience so much more pleasant, and safer.

I have a Gen1 and i love it, yet to try a 1260, my std suspension was rather awful, too soft in the rear, too hard up front, like every other Diavel apparently and while i tolerated the front for a while after adding a custom specced Öhlins rear once the front was sorted it was a totally different bike, i couldn't be happier.

Good luck mate!
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